The core mission of Lafayette College is the education of its students. In order for the College to accomplish its mission, it must meet the needs of the present and assure that future generations will be able to meet their needs. It requires sustainability in order to educate generation after generation of students. The Lafayette College Sustainability Committee seeks to enhance the core mission while expanding to the campus community and beyond. We wish to help ourselves, and all with whom we come in contact, to become more educated regarding the choices that that will enable us to become better stewards of our planet.

Meet the Committee

The committee is currently composed of faculty, students, and administration members:



David Brandes
Ben Cohen
Dru Germanoski
Arthur Kney
Kira Lawrence
Steve Mylon
Julia Nicodemus
Megan Rothenberger
Lindsay Soh


Rachel Barron
Aliza Furneaux
Alexa Gatti
Dejana Harris
Alicia Halpin Ortiz
Fletcher Horowitz
Joe Ingrao
Molly Leech
John Ludington
Nicole Maksymiw
Chris Nelson
Yuxiang Shen
Katherine Stevens
Peter Todaro
Marivxi Vera
Monica Wentz
Miranda Wilcha


Kylie Bailin
Sarah Edmonds
Katalin Fabian
Sarah Fried
Jenifer Bilio
Kathleen Parish
Katie Schimpf
Timothy Uhrich
Mary Wilford-Hunt
George Xiques

Goals of Committee

Advisory:  To provide an advisory function to the College’s cabinet and with such advice, to assist in the prioritization of the potential green initiatives and on College sustainability matters generally.

Review:  Request, receive and then review all campus sustainability initiatives, analyze them for overall effectiveness and practicality and then seek to prioritize the submitted projects or initiatives for either: a) funding by the committee through its own annual budget, or 2) as an additional request to the cabinet for supplemental consideration, if any.

Communicate:  Become an additional leading voice, in partnership with LEAP and other campus organizations, in the cause of advocacy for enhanced sustainability. Additionally, the committee will endeavor to enhance the communication between those implementing and advancing the many sustainability successes on campus to the College community in all of its varied forms and mechanisms.

President’s Climate Commitment:  Ensure the committee’s goals are consistent with this commitment and let it serve as a benchmark for the committee’s long and short term goals.

Meeting Dates

The committee has regularly scheduled monthly meetings and welcomes attendance by other interested parties.  Meetings take place between 12:00 – 1:00 pm.

If you wish to make a presentation to the Sustainability Committee, please contact the Committee at: