• It is an important goal of the College to continually become more environmentally friendly and to implement more sustainable practices on campus.
  • Office Depot Greener Office Delivery Service  The service will use tote bags, rather than boxes, in the packaging and shipping of products weighing less than 20 pounds. The tote bags will be sealed to ensure correct deliveries. The bags are lighter and use less wood fiber, and can be recycled in the blue bins across campus or taken home for personal use.
  • Currently, the College’s Office Depot purchases comprise approximately 44 percent of such eco-friendly products, which include items such as paper, hanging and standard file folders, ink and toner cartridges, self-stick notes, pens, binders and accessories.
  • A presentation from Office Depot to the College’s Sustainability Committee revealed that many other LVAIC Colleges already tested and use these eco-friendly alternatives; the products also have high performance standards and capabilities; and the products are priced competitively, often with a lower long term cost and have a full warranty.
  • The College recognizes, however, that there may be certain, limited exceptions for products that need to be purchased that may not be eco-friendly.  Exceptions to the eco-friendly purchase requirements can be granted on an as needed basis.
  • Questions or Concerns:
    Contact Mary Roth (Associate Provost) rothm@lafayette.edu
    George Xiques (Campus Sustainability Officer) xiquesg@lafayette.edu
    Patricia Reich (Procurement Director) reichp@lafayette.edu
  • Eco-friendly products will soon be indicated within the purchasing system to make these alternatives even more convenient.