Grant funding from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) enabled the exterior improvements to the facade of the buildings along Bushkill Drive at the former Rinek Cordage Company and Rope Works property. A full facade upgrade including new roofing, new windows and doors, exterior masonry repointing and repairs are underway with completion scheduled at the end of the year. Work will preserve the buildings with a watertight exterior to preserve them for future use. The first renovation will be to the one-story building closest to the Bushkill Parking Lot as a new home for Easton’s Emergency Squad in conjunction with the student-led Lafayette EMS program. Procurement for that work is underway with construction commencing following completion of the exterior improvements work.

In addition to the buildings on the property, a separate project to repair the existing water tower in the corner of the property will soon commence. The structure will be repaired, repainted and a new roof installed during the fall semester.