After an eight-month demolition and construction duration, this new parking deck is now open, featuring 220 additional spaces and parking on all three levels, plus new landscaping around the deck.

Two components of the deck—the glazing surround at each stair tower and an exterior stair between the deck and Oechsle Hall—are currently being completed due to extended lead times. During their installation, access to all three parking levels remains available.

Please note:

  • Both stair towers plus a new elevator located in the western stair tower are operational and may be used for access between levels. Pedestrians who park on the third level should traverse to the second or ground level using one of the two stair towers and then exit the structure to campus. 
  • As an improvement over the previous deck, the new deck provides two vehicle entry points and one vehicle exit point. As with the previous structure, visitors and employees wishing to access the second or third levels of the deck should still enter the structure on High Street at the roadway between Markle Hall and Hamilton Street. 
  • The new garage also includes a new additional entry point (between Markle Hall and the Acopian Engineering Center), which students should use to access the ground level of the deck. Deliveries to Acopian, Rockwell, and the Steam Plant will use this same entry point. 
  • The exit for all three levels remains via the drive between Markle Hall and Acopian. 
  • North Campus Lane, which is located at the back north of Markle Hall, will remain closed to traffic during construction on the Welcome Center.