Classroom in the new building at 248 North Third Street.

Home to the film and media studies program and theater department, the building at 248 North Third Street within the Williams Arts Campus opened for classes this semester. It features a TV/shooting studio, advanced editing suites, media labs, a studio theater, and more.

The main hallway in the new building.

For the last several years, students have relied on location shooting. Soon they will be learning the fundamentals of lighting, camera, and sound in “the Sandbox,” the new TV studio. This semester, students are developing original concepts for a web TV series and will shoot their episodes at the studio.

June 2015 New Project Update:

Construction activities will be occurring in the Mohican building beginning early June and lasting for about five (5) weeks to support the installation of the new backup generator.  During the course of construction carpenters will be on-site cutting through the roof of the building in order to add the necessary support for the new generator. This cutting will be loud at times and could cause slight vibrations in the building.  Once the supports for the new generator are added, we’ll be bring in a steel erector to weld the base of the supports to the existing structure. This will cause some burning odors in the building, however none of which are harmful.

Once the supports are secured, the contractor will bring a crane in to set the generator. During this time, some of the parking spots in the Snyder Street parking lot will have to be closed off for safety reasons. The building will remain usable throughout construction, with the exception of Media Room 1.

Click on map key for larger view.

Click on map key for larger view.