The most significant element within the hierarchy of signage that is missing is the type of sign that identifies the College. Walls, and decorative wrought iron fencing currently exist on campus and should be consistently reinforced in new locations over time to help demarcate the edges of campus. However, it is not intended that the campus be ringed with fencing; instead, such treatments at major portals into campus will signify the transition and identity of the College.”

Throughout 2013 and 2014 the College completed gateway signage at five critical portals to the campus. The last project, at Clinton Terrace and McCartney Streets, was completed in August 2014.

Phase Ia:

  • Clean and repair Arch at bottom of walk
  • Landscape Archway

Phase Ib:

  • Replace stone wall at President’s House
  • New Lafayette College cast iron panel
  • New lighting at cast iron panel
  • New sidewalk
  • New gate and steps
  • New College Seals and steps

Phase Ic:

  • New bluestone pavers at March & McCartney
  • New overhead sign at March & McCartney
  • Repair columns at March & McCartney

Phase Id:

  • New Gateway at High & McCartney Streets
  • New walls with ornamental fencing
  • New landscaping & lighting
  • New brick pavers & sidewalks

High Street Gateway.

Phase II:

  • Create new gateway at Clinton Terrace & McCartney Streets
  • New brick walls & ornamental fencing
  • New landscaping & lighting
  • New bluestone pavers & steps
Clinton Terrace Gateway - Before

Clinton Terrace Gateway – Before

Completed Clinton Terrace Gateway.

Phase III:

  • Pending – pedestrian & vehicular wayfinding on campus