The scope of work is to include new bleacher seating, new scoreboard/video board, new painting of the walls and roof structure. The work is to start immediately after the basketball season ends in March and is to be finished by mid August.  The sections along each sideline will feature chairback seating. New bleacher seating will be added behind each baseline, closing in the court which was previously opened at the end farthest from the arena entrance. At that end of the arena, two rows of premium seating will be added on the floor.  The capacity of the arena will change to 2,650 to accommodate the 1,462 chairback seats and 1,188 bleacher seats. A four-sided scoreboard/video board will replace the scoreboard above center court. The video board will provide an opportunity for instant replays.  The LED scorer’s table will be located on the north sideline between the team benches with similar capabilities to the video board.  The entire arena will receive a new paint scheme and some sound system improvements are proposed.