The College is committed to waste minimization and the conservation of all materials and supplies, in accordance with all national, state, and local laws and ordinances. The College actively supports campus constituencies in order to satisfy the environmental goals of waste minimization, material conservation, and recycling.

        • The Recycling Program includes all buildings including Dining Services.
        • Waste streams increased to include toner and ink jet cartridges, writing instruments, alkaline batteries, vehicle batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, magazines, newspapers, cardboard, mixed paper, books, unwanted furniture, unwanted/donated clothing (“Trash to Treasure”/Green Move Out Program) and food waste from both pre- and post-consumption.
        • Expansion of electronics recycling program which provides an opportunity for the College and community at large to participate.
        • Acquisition of additional recycling containers (approximately 114) and signage.
        • Instituted the “Move-In” cardboard recycling program in the 2008 Fall Semester resulting in the 5.5 tons of recycled cardboard.

          2009 calendar year yielded a recycling rate of approximately 30% over 2008 (not including composting) and 80% over 2005.