Fencing – The project is in a transition phase from Step 2 to Step 3 until this afternoon. Fencing will be removed in front of Hogg Hall, the Farinon Center, and Pardee Hall to allow pedestrian traffic to travel between the buildings.  Also part of the transition phase is the installation of fencing in front of Skillman Library and around the Quad.  The image below highlights how the project will look once the transition phase is over and Step 3 begins.

Traffic –  Due to construction at the intersection of High and Sullivan, two detour routes are guiding drivers from one end of the campus to the other.
South Campus Detour Route – As drivers approach Markle Hall from High Street, they are directed down Hamilton to Pierce Street and around Bushkill and back to Sullivan to access the south end of the campus up to Skillman Library.
North Campus Detour Route – Drivers coming up Sullivan Road to access High Street are detoured down South College Drive to McCartney Street, where they make a left and get back to High Street to access buildings up to Markle Hall.

Next week, High Street will be closed in front of Markle Hall.  Vehicles will still be able to travel from east to west along High Street (detouring behind Markle Hall).  Drivers wanting to travel from west to east will need to use South College Avenue as an alternate route (same route as when High and Sullivan were closed).

Parking – The spaces along Sullivan Road on the east side of Hugel Hall will be available after Wednesday.  The spaces in front of Markle Hall along High Street will be unavailable next week.

Noise – Construction activities are at their noisiest as concrete is broken up and loaded into trucks.

High and Sullivan Construction –  Please find a map attached with the detour routes marked. Construction along High and Sullivan is expected to wrap up Thursday.

Clinton Terrace – Clinton Terrace will reopen tomorrow morning for deliveries to Farinon only.  The asphalt is still fresh and wheels should only be turned while the vehicle is in motion.

Pathways – Please keep in mind that while the new pathways are safe to walk on, watch for hoses, sprinklers, and sand piles on and around the pathways.