Fencing – The construction team is anticipating two changes to the fence layout.

  • The first will take place either late this week or early next week and consists of expanding the south construction site to include the areas in front of Farinon and Hogg. Once the construction site is expanded there, Farinon’s front entrance will still be accessible; however, Hogg’s front entrance will not be.
  • The second change will take place at the end of next week or early the following week and will reduce the north construction site. Whiting-Turner will be starting brick pavers along High Street early next week. Once the brick pavers are in place and the joints are filled with sand, it will be able to remove some of the panelized fencing along High Street.

Traffic – There will be a slight inconvenience along High Street and Sullivan Road the rest of the week and early next week as Whiting-Turner pushes the crews to finish the concrete mud slabs and brick pavers along High Street. Whiting-Turner will try its best to maintain two-way traffic; at times it will have to be one way. During the one-way periods, construction workers will help to move traffic along.

Parking – No parking spaces will be affected by this week’s construction activities. Hopefully, by the end of the next week or early the following week, Whiting-Turner will be able to relinquish the parking spaces in front of Markle Hall.

Noise – The north construction site between Skillman Library and Markle Hall should be quieting down since demolition is complete. Unfortunately, the south construction site will be getting quite a bit noisier. Whiting-Turner was able to start the new storm water line yesterday and found that it will be no easy task as it appears there is solid rock in the path of the storm water line. This obstacle will require Whiting-Turner to jack hammer the rock out–one of the noisiest activities due to the echo effect between the buildings.

Other Impacts – UGI informed the construction team yesterday that a 6” main gas line that runs through the site will have to be lowered as it is too close to finish grade. In order to relocate the line, UGI will shut down the gas service to a number of buildings.  UGI does not know when this will take place or how much notice it will be able to provide. Whiting-Turner will notify George Xiques as soon as it knows when this will occur and for how long the gas service will be shut down.

Thank you for your patience as we beautify our Quad!