Fencing – Fencing for Step 1, Part 1 has been completed. Fencing for Step 1, Part 2 will take place around the middle of June, when it will be extended in front of Farinon and Hogg. Hogg’s front entrance will be closed off, with the exception of an emergency. Farinon’s front entrance will remain open.

Reminder: The High Street parking lot will remain closed until the end of construction. Clinton Terrace is also closed off except when the driver is making a delivery to the loading dock.

Traffic – The campus community will notice a slight inconvenience along High Street and Sullivan Lane the next several days. High Street will be one-way today and tomorrow (during working hours) as the new curb is being poured. After the curb is poured, High Street will be back to two-way traffic.

Parking – The parking spaces in front of Markle Hall along High Street are temporarily off limits until the new sidewalk is completed, estimated for the second week in June. Then we will remove fencing and open up the parking spaces and sidewalk.

Noise – The demolition in between Skillman and Markle will be completed today. Starting early next week, we will continue demolition at Clinton Terrace. This will be the noisiest activity as it requires large equipment to break up and remove the sidewalks.

Other impacts – Over the next week, we will need to temporarily shut off the water service around Pardee and Farinon in order to relocate the waterlines to make way for the new storm water piping.