Fencing – Fencing for Step 1 started May 22 and will be completed May 23. A reminder: The High Street parking lot is now closed off.  Clinton Terrace is also closed off; we ask that the faculty and staff currently parking along Clinton Terrace no longer park there.

Traffic – With the exception of Clinton Terrace and Quad Drive no longer being accessible, on-campus traffic should be able to maneuver normally.

Parking – Clinton Terrace, Quad Drive, and the High Street parking lot are no longer available for parking; drivers cannot park along these streets either.

Noise – Later this week and into next week, demolition will start in Clinton Terrace and north of Skillman Library.  The demolition will be the noisiest activity as it requires large equipment to break up and remove the sidewalks.

Other impacts – The entrance/exit on the east side of Pardee Hall should only be used as an emergency exit as it goes into the construction site.